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Themes, themes in all colours and hues

May 18, 2011Chris

We have just finished creating the colour variations for the NutsMail 4 desktop themes and you can browse them on our beta site. When NutsMail 4 is released, it will probably contain 24 themes in all (4 desktop themes x 4 colour combinations each, plus 2 mobile themes x 4 colour combinations).

In the future, besides creating new themes, we’re also planning to expand the colour range of our current themes. We’d like each theme to come in 8 or more colour variations, which will give our users more choice and make it possible to get a truly personalized email experience.

Stay tuned, NutsMail 4 will be released soon!

NutsMail 4.0 Beta (peek)

April 26, 2011Chris

To all our great NutsMail customers:

We are planning on launching NutsMail 4.0 with a brand new theming engine. Our best work yet, built from scratch. NM4.0 opens many new possibilities which wouldn’t have been possible in any previous versions, including ajax, jquery and other cool additions.

We are looking for beta testers who can give us feedback on the new version. You can test run the new system here:


NutsMail 4.0 will has many new features, some you would expect from a webmail system such as a better preview pane and others that are simply intuitive and help things run smoother such as our hidden plugin icon; if you’re screen shrinks, the skin creates a “more” icon to avoid clutter.

Have a look at the new and updated skins which will be released with NutsMail 4.0

-New Outlook skin
-New Web 2.0 skin
-Updated iTheme
-Updated Corporate/Academic skin

To change and test each skin go to: options->Display Preferences->Desktop theme

Other NutsMail 4.0 features include:

-Administrators Panel, change your global settings directly from the webmail interface.
-News plugin
-Quote plugin
-Safari compatible html editor
-New plugin theming to match each skin
-A static header
-Smart scroll bars

These updates and features were created as a result of feedback from you. We are doing this for you so keep talking to us, we’re always happy for the input.

Are you still using Internet Explorer 6? It’s time to upgrade.

April 4, 2011Chris

Technology waits for no man and once something gets outdated, it is quickly upgraded and forgotten. Most of the time. The unfortunate exception is Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).

This 10-year-old browser is still in use by nearly 12% of the world. This presents a problem because IE6 doesn’t support some of the crucial technologies that are used by many modern websites.

Several major Internet companies (including Google and Facebook) have already decided to stop supporting IE6 on their websites, and Microsoft has recently launched a campaign for eliminating IE6 from the face of the web: The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown website. The website is an educational endeavor that shows the current world statistics for the IE6 usage and hopes to bring it down to below 1%.

The new NutsMail 4.0 theming system also uses some of the technologies that are not supported by IE6. This means that the new NutsMail themes will not work under IE6. All the core mail functionality will be preserved and it will still be possible to check the mail, but when NutsMail detects IE6, it will automatically load its default monochrome theme.

If you are still using Internet Explorer 6, we encourage you to upgrade to a modern browser that will deliver a much better web experience. Take your pick:

Controversial European Union Cookie Law

March 14, 2011Chris

A new law that will go into effect on the 25th of May 2011 will require all websites hosted in the European Union to obtain explicit permission before storing persistent cookies on the visitor’s computer.

This controversial legislation will greatly affect the operation of most websites hosted in the EU. It will also affect SquirrelMail and NutsMail email systems, since they both use cookies as part of their functionality. For example, the login_auto plugin, which remembers the visitor’s username and password, stores this information in a persistent cookie.

The new version of NutsMail (4.0) is fully compliant with the new European Union law and includes a mechanism that obtains visitor’s permission for cookie usage. The mechanism is disabled by default and can be enabled by the EU companies in the NutsMail administration panel.

Upgrading to NutsMail 4.0 will be free for clients with active NutsMail accounts. If you host your website in the EU, we strongly suggest that you upgrade to the new version of NutsMail before the 25th of May to avoid any possible legal problems.

NutsMail 4.0 is still in beta testing stages. If you would like to be notified when it’s ready for download, send us a note using our contact form.

To read more on the new cookie legislation, click here.

Theme changes in NutsMail 4.0

March 5, 2011Chris

The work on NutsMail 4.0 is progressing and the improvements we’re making open more exciting possibilities not only for improving the looks of the themes, but their functionality as well.

One of the problems with creating themes so far has been the fact that SquirrelMail runs in separate HTML frames and uses lots of tables. This makes it difficult to create full-width themes that wouldn’t have their header broken by scroll bars. In the new version of NutsMail we have modified some key pieces of html output which makes it possible to move the scroll bars away from the main frames and into the boxes that actually contain scrollable content.

This way the top header remains unbroken, the layout fills the entire screen and things just look and work much better.

Don’t forget to upgrade to NutsMail 4.0 when it’s ready! Contact us if you’d like to be notified when the files are posted for download.

What’s on the NutsMail horizon

February 8, 2011Chris

A lot’s been happening recently in our NutsMail backyard. Besides launching the new website, and upgrading NutsMail to version 3.8.1, we released two new themes:

• LiteCube – our first RoundCube theme,

• iClassic Mobile – our first theme for mobile devices, which pioneers the way for NutsMail to be accessed from iPhones and Android smartphones.
Read more

Welcome to NutsMail 2011

February 1, 2011Chris

We are pleased to announce that our new website for 2011 has now been launched.

Why did we create a new website?
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