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Theme changes in NutsMail 4.0

March 5, 2011Chris

The work on NutsMail 4.0 is progressing and the improvements we’re making open more exciting possibilities not only for improving the looks of the themes, but their functionality as well.

One of the problems with creating themes so far has been the fact that SquirrelMail runs in separate HTML frames and uses lots of tables. This makes it difficult to create full-width themes that wouldn’t have their header broken by scroll bars. In the new version of NutsMail we have modified some key pieces of html output which makes it possible to move the scroll bars away from the main frames and into the boxes that actually contain scrollable content.

This way the top header remains unbroken, the layout fills the entire screen and things just look and work much better.

Don’t forget to upgrade to NutsMail 4.0 when it’s ready! Contact us if you’d like to be notified when the files are posted for download.

What’s on the NutsMail horizon

February 8, 2011Chris

A lot’s been happening recently in our NutsMail backyard. Besides launching the new website, and upgrading NutsMail to version 3.8.1, we released two new themes:

• LiteCube – our first RoundCube theme,

• iClassic Mobile – our first theme for mobile devices, which pioneers the way for NutsMail to be accessed from iPhones and Android smartphones.
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Welcome to NutsMail 2011

February 1, 2011Chris

We are pleased to announce that our new website for 2011 has now been launched.

Why did we create a new website?
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