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Tell me about Ensignia...

Ensignia Mail is a fully developed, ready-to-use webmail client with a slick professional design, extensive add-on features and mobile compatibility. Our software provides versatility and reliability to your corporate webmail experience.

  • Install and begin using in minutes
  • Customise and brand it with your company logo
  • Keep emails secure on your own server instead of sharing everything with a host like Google

Upload and Go

The installation is quick and easy and runs just as well whether you have one user or millions. Upgrading your current Squirrelmail to Ensignia is seamless, as emails, preferences and user accounts are preserved and transferred instantaneously.

Global Languages

Need your webmail in several languages? Ensignia supports all major languages.

  • Over 50 Languages available
  • All text and links are dynamic and change with your selection

Mobile Version

Access your emails on the go! Mobile versions come with each design and feature:

  • Automatic browser detection
  • Matching colours and theme with your desktop mail
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility

Plugins & Add-ons

The Ensignia webmail package offers some great gadgets like:

  • Dropbox integration
  • Spam and message filtering
  • Calendars, To-do lists, Reminders
  • Notes, Bookmarks
  • Import other email accounts
  • Drag and Drop, Right Click

Secure & Supported

We keep you running smoothly by offering:

  • Free ongoing technical assistance by our inhouse developers and support team
  • Guaranteed smooth running of the software at all times; with 11 years of Squirrelmail development experience
  • Free updates and security patches

Put a Skin On It

Designs come in a range of colors and include customisations, so you can create your perfect fit.

  • Broad choice of themes and styles
  • Re-brand the skin of your choice with your company logo in just one click
  • Bespoke designs also available - Contact us with your specifications to find out what we can do.

Server Admin Panel

Administer the entire software with our customer built admin panel.

  • With just a click your changes are instantly applied for all your clients
  • Plug-ins visually added or removed by the server administrator
  • Easily add your company logo and slogan
  • Stress free software administration