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Changing password in Ensignia Mail

June 18, 2012Chris

We’ve received many questions on how to enable password changing functionality in Ensignia. Hopefully this article will shed some light on the issue.

Since there is no one single method for email password storage on the server, the password change functionality in SquirrelMail (and Ensignia) is accomplished with the help of third party plugins. There are a number of plugins available which allow you to change the password on cPanel, LDAP, Cyrus SASL, Merak, SQL, etc. The complete list of the plugins can be found here.

One of those plugins, change_pass by Seth Randall is by default included with Ensignia. It changes the password with the use of a poppass daemon running on the server. If you don’t have poppass set up, you will receive a connection refused error when trying to change the password. The steps for installing the poppass service will be different for different operating systems, but an Internet search for “poppass” and your OS type will result in lots of detailed information on the subject.

Once you have the service running, you should also make sure that the port it’s accessible through corresponds with the port setting of the change_pass plugin. You can edit the file plugins/change_pass/config.php to change the plugin’s port number.

Please remember that Ensignia uses SquirrelMail for its core operations, so if you’re having any problems with your server setup or plugin functionality you can always search for it on the Internet and the answers you find for SquirrelMail will also apply to Ensignia.