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Mobile themes upgraded to scroll on Android

September 15, 2011Chris

If you use NutsMail on Android you may have noticed that on some devices page scrolling doesn’t work properly. This is due to an Android iframe bug that, although reported to Google a couple of years ago, still remains unfixed. We have included a workaround in all NutsMail mobile themes that will hopefully fix the problem on most Android smartphones.

If you use mobile themes in your NutsMail installation, we encourage you to re-download their files from our customer area and replace them in your NutsMail “themes” folder. The new version of the mobile themes is 2.1.

This upgrade does not affect NutsMail itself, only the theme files, so if you’re running NutsMail 4.2, there’s no need to re-download and upgrade the NutsMail program. If you’re running an earlier version of NutsMail, we encourage you to upgrade, since NutsMail 4.2 is based on the latest version of SquirrelMail which includes a lot of security fixes.