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New Branding for NutsMail : Ensignia

February 27, 2012Chris

To all our NutsMail customers,

I hope this note finds you all well. We wanted to let you know that we will be rebranding NutsMail to Ensignia. We will also be changing the website from NutsMail.com to EnsigniaMail.com.

A quick, short history: NutsMail was meant to be a pun on the fact that it was based on Squirrelmail, “nuts for your squirrel”. It was a fun idea, although many did not quite catch the intended play on words and it was often misunderstood for meanings better left unsaid.

After much consideration we’ve finally decided to change to a name that will hopefully reflect and present our growing business and services which we are proud of. We will be releasing Ensignia 5.0 with upgrades and bug fixes soon.

We’re actively working on improving Ensignia this year with better language support, updated plugins, new ajax features, better mobile and tablet interfaces and skins.

That’s it, short and sweet. Enjoy!