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NutsMail 4.0 New Release Announcement

June 13, 2011Chris

NutsMail 4.0 has arrived

Brand new theme engine: Written from scratch. NutsMail was a lot of patch work from over the years of upgrades and squirrelmail releases. We have started from a clean slate in NutsMail 4.0.

No frames: We’re no longer restricted by those annoying squirrelmail browser frames. They’re technically still there but you won’t notice them anymore thanks to some clever css work by our programming guru Chris.

It’s faster: Everything has been streamlined to work faster. Since it was built from ground up we have left as much of the core squirrelmail in tact and the theme engine takes care of only the final visual output.

All new themes: A whole set of new themes. Each of the themes were made to order for the new NutsMail 4.0 theming engine.

New plugins and features: Have a look at some of the new features included. News bulletins, new HTML editors that work in safari, quotes, notes and more. Warning, you may find yourself spending more time in your webmail then expected 😉

More mobile skins: We’ve also added a new set of mobile skins to match our the Outlook webmail. Now you can check your email on the go with a matching mobile skin. A nice addition for your customers, keeping a seamless look for both desktop and mobile webmail.

Administration: Administrate the default settings for all your customers through the newly added administration tab. You can turn plugins on/off, enable/disable features, change any settings directly from inside the webmail app. No more messing around with config or text files.

Try before you buy?


Free upgrade for all customers with valid download licenses. Simply login and download the new version.

Also being planned for the near future:
Contacts, calendar, Notes sync support
More ajax features
Drag and drop for messages
Right click functions
Widget support
and much more…