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NutsMail 4.2.1 released

November 21, 2011Chris

We have just released a minor upgrade to NutsMail (version 4.2.1) which fixes some small bugs and issues. We’re actively working on the next major release, NutsMail version 4.3, which will be fully compatible with the NutsMail WHM/cPanel admin panel. The panel will enable WHM admins to manage domain-specific NutsMail settings and resell NutsMail themes to their CPanel clients. Version 4.3 will be capable of running independently just like the current versions do, but with one setting change it will become fully integrated with the control panels.

But while we all wait for this Star Trek-like technology to become available, let’s not forget to upgrade to NutsMail 4.2.1, which is available in the customer area.