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NutsMail News RSS reader

December 9, 2011Chris

As you may have noticed, NutsMail comes with a handy little plugin called NutsMail News. It’s an RSS feed reader that displays the latest headlines from the news service of your choice on the sidebar. You can choose from many pre-defined news services in several languages, or you can define your own. The RSS is retrieved and displayed using AJAX, so it doesn’t slow down the loading of the webmail.

Some of you reported that if NutsMail runs on an SSL-secured server, the plugin causes a browser warning. We have now fixed this issue, so the plugin can be safely used over SSL. If you’re having problems with the SSL warnings, re-download the Enterprise package from the customer area and upgrade to the latest version of NutsMail.

This plugin is available for the Enterprise and Unlimited license holders. If you have a Basic or Premium license and would like to see how the plugin works, you can test it on the demo site. There are more advanced features available with the Enterprise license that make the webmail experience more complete. If you like any of the features listed, and you’d like to upgrade your license to Enterprise, it’s easy! All you need to do is pay the difference in price between the license you have now and the license you’re purchasing. Let us know if you’re interested!