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Shared calendar across domains

February 1, 2012Chris

The shared calendar plugin included with the Enterprise version of NutsMail is a popular item. It allows creation of public or private event calendars that can be shared between groups of users.

The easiest way to manage the calendar data is to store it directly in the data folder of your NutsMail installation. This is accomplished by enabling the “calendar_file_backend” plugin. No initial setup or configuration is necessary, but this solution has its limitations. If users log in to NutsMail from under different domain names, they may be denied access to the calendar files created by other users.

To remedy this situation, the shared calendar functionality should be set up with the “calendar_sql_backend” plugin. With this plugin enabled, the calendar data is stored in a database, which eliminates the access denied problems.

To use the sql backend plugin you need to create a database, specify its access information in the plugin config file and manually create the database tables. This is a bit more troublesome than using the ready-to-go file backend plugin, but it provides a more flexible solution for inter-domain calendar usage. Happy calendar sharing!